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my frnd lahiru had deletd sum of da systm files while he was cleaning his hard disk he had deletd ntldr n boot.ini file i told him 2 brng da hard disk 2 my plc so i can copy those files but his bro had installed windows xp over da current o/s…so i backed up all the files in his c drive then i took my hard disk and we to his place to instal windows xp.We live close’s only 5 mints walk but when we were walking suddenly started to rain…but we managed to get back in time..when i switch on the com da vga was giving a problem…it was full of dust da whole computer was like that i removed him vga and  i cleanned it.. it was working again..i wanted to test this new unattended windows installation but it didn’t work so i did the traditional way…it took only 10 mints to install windows i created two accounts 1 admin account for him and a limited account for his brother

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