I’m Powered By Windows Server 2003 R2

I won Windows Server 2003 R2 @ the first Tech2guys user group meeting…but I didn’t hav time to shift back to Windows Server since I was too busy with other work..finally with the help of VMware I shifted back to Windows Server…most coolest thing is that it’s a original copy…so there’s nothing to be afraid of …as soon as I installed it I went to the Microsoft® site and registered my copy of Windows Server…there were some Security Enhancements…and it comes with Dot net framework 2.0 as an optional installation….but it crashed…I don’t know the exact reason…but I was using windows update and it prompt me to restart then after I restarted it didn’t boot…it said “PRESS A KEY TO REBOOT”…I pressed it loads of times but nothing happens…I hav no clue what  happened…may be b’coz I was using Hibernation..i mean I hardly restarts my computer…but it’s a very powerful O/S

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