I Watched MI 3

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Today I went to watch MI3 with my friends…we planned to come my house and go to watch the movie together….but everything got messed by when received a call saying tht one of my friend is having a class n he can’t shift it….then we planned to meet him @ Kolpity and then go…my other friend harindra came to my house @ 11.05…I was expecting him around 10.30…we left my house @ 11.20 and reached kolpity sharp @ 12…I sent few msgs and tried to contact devmith…but didn’t get a reply….so me and my friend haren thought tht he had left it @ home…when we went to liberty to reserve we got to know that the show is @ 1.30 and we can’t reserve rear stall tickects….so we thought of going to ROOTs and have a drink…Mocca coffee @ ROOTs is awesome…we reached back to kolpity around 12.35 but still no answer from devmith…but I kept on msging him and telling him where to come…

Finally he made it…he came to liberty while we were waiting to buy tickets…

Abt the movie

Movie is super cool….it’s the best out of the MI series….i hav watched all 3 I think this is the best…one thing I noticed is that everybody laughed for dat “Anjalika” movie preview done by Channa….i guess he’s bit over acting in that and he tries to become SHK…I really enjoyed the movie and I really recommend u guys to go and watch it…it’s worth paying 160 and watching it…


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