Windows Media Player 11

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I shifted back to Windows Media Player

i installed Windows Media Player 11 today…phew…it’s awesome…sound quality is unmatched…earlier I used Winamp…I have been a fan of winamp since the very beginning…since version 2…but after installing WMP I don’t think anyone will need another software to play your song files..Media Player 11 comes with lots of visual enhancements…

There’s new feature added called “Auto Playlist”…this generates an auto play list according to criteria u select…WMP11 automatics queries according to your requirements and makes ur new play list…


U can press CTRL+M and get ur classic menu bar…

There are two new additional ripping formats u can use when ur ripping cds..

For the first time WMP11 supports Wav ripping..

U can get a full comparison from the Microsoft website


there are few new tabs under options

there’s new tab called Burn where u can customize ur cd burning feature..

there’s another new tab called this tab u assign movie rating and media player wont play movies according to the rating

these are the changes Microsoft had done to the new WMP…i luv media player 11



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