Add a Shortcut for Creating a New E-mail

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Microsoft Outlook 2003 is the best mail client I have ever seen…here are some very use full tips for u…


Add a Shortcut for Creating a New E-mail

First of all create a shortcut and direct it to Outlook…eg” "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\OUTLOOK.EXE"”…

Once u have finished creating the shortcut right click and go to properties..

In the target text field after closing quotation mark add /c ipm.note switch…make sure u keep a space between the quotation mark and the / apply and close…once u double click it it’ll open new email windows..u can simply drag and drop it to ur quick launch bar and save ur when ever u want to write a mail u don’t want to open outlook and click new mail u can just click ur quick launch bar shortcut and access it..


Here are some other switchers u can use

Creating a New Note = /c ipm.stickynote

Creating a New Appointment =/c ipm.appointment

Creating a New Journal Entry =/c ipm.activity

Creating a New Contact = /c

Creating a New Task =/c ipm.task

Start from a selected user profile = /profile, (After comma keep a space and give the                                                                   profile name)


As I have mentioned earlier u can create customized shortcuts to carryout certain task of Microsoft Outlook without opining the main application…

Furthermore for these shortcuts u can add different inbuilt Outlook Icons too

Select ur Outlook Shortcut right click and go to change icon..


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