Create A Printer From ur Web Browser

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Mainly there are two ways of adding a printer 2 your computer…most command method is to attach your printer to LPT1 port and install a printer…this is also known as local printer…

The other method is to attach a network printer…this is mostly used in domain environment ever u get 1 or 2 printers for the whole department…

When your adding a network printer there are 3 options…in this article I’ll be explaining you how to connect to a printer over the intranet…

To do this client computer must fulfill these requirements

1)client computer should have IIS installed

2)it should be connected to a network(workgroup or domain)..

First add a new printer to your server machine or to your printer server…once your installing give a share name for the printer and share”HP840c”

Next step is to configure the client

In the client computer go to internet explorer and

first type http://localhost and verify that u have installed IIS…

once ur sure tht u hav IIS installed type


if can’t correctly remember your printer or when u have installed several printers u can type  http://yourservername/printers and view all the printer attached to your server

once you have selected your printer click connect…then Windows Xp will automatically install the printer in your server to your client machine

Now your done installing your printer….see how easy and user friendly it is…you jst have to know your server name and type it in your web browser…this is easy as browsing the net…

Once u have installed u can use the same URL(Uniform Resource Locater) and manage ur printer…

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