I Passed my Exam


i'm writing dis post from my exam center…

i did my MCP exam jst now…70-270 Windows Xp

i got 952 out of 1000…

fianlly i got da result for all the latenite studing

i'm a Microsoft Certified Professional now…

Edit-forgot 2 mention a small thing…dis is 2 inform all da folks who visits my blog…specially 4 those who doesn't kno me…i'm a 17 year old student studying @ Lyceum International and passing this exam means a lot to me…it's a very special milestone in my life….

6 comments on “I Passed my Exam”

  1. This website is powered by PHP, but by ASP. 🙂 It’s amazing how you Microsoft goons use FOSS software to work your sites and then have the nerve to stick a button for a proprietary programming language on them.

    Funniest thing I’ve seen all day. MCP indeed.

  2. Congrats dude!! Very well done… 😀

    And ASP. Why you flaming him? I’m sure it’s there by mistake. We know this is by WordPress, as it shows in the bottom.

    Nirmal, well done once again. You should take the ASP down, cause it ain’t true 😉

  3. thnx a lot guys…
    asp’s jst jealous abt Microsoft….bt dude i have nothing to do with dis site…this is a free blog i got..bt thnx 4 ur comments asp…soon i’ll host my own ASP website and i’ll let u kno 🙂

  4. Hey Billgates..
    ma8 i think u got da wrong point….mcp means Microsoft Certified Professional but MPC may mean Moronic Posting Computer…i have not mentioned anything abt MPC in my blog except for the term MCP…i guess u hav common sense to understand that 🙂

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