Torrents RULE

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Im really busy with my school project…bt I thought of writing in my blog abt dis small little incident which i came across recently….well in my school we hav 3 ADLS connections shared between 9computers…student are allowed to log in using a restricted profile(Student profile-which is common to everyone) and browse the net…it says that “INTERNET IS A PRIVILEGE AND IT CAN ONLY B USED 4 EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES”LOL… there is a software called “Cyber Patrol”which is a surf control software and it blocks most of the unwanted websites(Dis doesn’t include torrents)-…we have a shared folder(in the server) to store what ever we download…recently which I was browsing thought the server I discover a 3gb folder which obviously downloaded…it was full of songs and videos….how da hell did dis happen….all the mp3 sites are blocked….it seems that my friends are using UTORRENT…a very lite torrent client…the advantage of this software is that u can install in with restricted account and da users can hide it so no one will notice it…this is unmatched…u can download almost anything u want….unlike p2p in dis u get huge files such Windows Vista…I guess torrents will rule the future

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