Month: December 2006

ATI Radeon 9250-256mb DDR

recently i bought a new vga card…it was really cheap…i just needed something for my 4x motherboard…even thought it wont show max performance with 4x once i get a PCIE motherboard it’ll use max performance… im happy tht my motherboard detected my  i installed da VGA card on Vista..bloody detects as a 64mb card.i

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Lyceum International School will be broadcasting a radio station from the 11th of December up to the 16th of December… it’s really great to see our guys doing something like dis for the first time in the school history.. it’s a 24hour broadcast, requests and dedications can be sent to our hotline-0773606055


Finally…we got holidays last Friday(8th December)… this month is going to be, one hectic month for me…i have few exams coming up… 7th December i did 70-431 Implementation and maintenance of SQL 2005 exam and i got through it…i got some really cool computer based training kits 20th im hoping to do 70-291 exam..i don’t

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