ATI Radeon 9250-256mb DDR

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recently i bought a new vga card…it was really cheap…i just needed something for my 4x motherboard…even thought it wont show max performance with 4x once i get a PCIE motherboard it’ll use max performance…

im happy tht my motherboard detected my 

i installed da VGA card on Vista..bloody detects as a 64mb card.i wanted to try out Vista drivers for the 9250 series yet but it works fine..tht’s all that smoothly on vista… i played carbon wit the new VGA on my Xp’s AWEOSM..

1 comments on “ATI Radeon 9250-256mb DDR”

  1. Hmm.. I thought about buying upgrading my ancientcomp with some cheap parts (9250/9500 etc) from ebay, only to realize that to it might actually be more cost effective to build a new one from scratch.

    Here are my dream specs. Gonna treat myself with this baby next year on my 22nd birthday.

    22″ widescreen LCD
    Intel C2D 6700/6800
    2GB 800 DDR2
    7900/1900 or even a 8800 (if the price goes down by then)
    Creative Z5500 speakers

    Fully sick eh?

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