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Finally…we got holidays last Friday(8th December)…

this month is going to be, one hectic month for me…i have few exams coming up…

7th December i did 70-431 Implementation and maintenance of SQL 2005 exam and i got through it…i got some really cool computer based training kits

20th im hoping to do 70-291 exam..i don’t think i’ll be able to do it on tht day..hoping to’s bloody hard…i need to more time to prep…haven’t decided yet…i can reschedule b4 im waiting till 22nd to make the decision..

hoping to do 70-284 on the 3rd of jan…i hav studied for it about one month back..but i lost in touch coz at that time i had my school exams and i couldn’t find time to the exam…since im studying for 291 now it’ll take some time to get ready for it…

waiting for the MCTS welcome kit 🙂

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