U3 Smart Data Traveler


with the VGA card i bought a 2gb Kingston pendrive..

day b4 i bought it i visited kingston.com to see what’s the highest capacity available and what new brands they have…

then i came across this U3 range..i never thought tht it’ll b available in Sri Lanka…lucky me it was there…

this is  damn good..u can install software to the pendrive and run them from it…but unfortunately u can only install u3 software(no pirated software yet)

i managed to get some cool free software…

foxit reader(pfd reader)

Challenger(encryption software)

pass2go(stores all ur passwords..it’s like a wallet manager)

2 comments on “U3 Smart Data Traveler”

  1. and its pretty cheap in SL as well .. I bought mine for 3500 buks and its a 1GB Kingston drive with three years warranty!..From barclays trading..but the thing is if you mess it up it will all be gone! .. use the software called moka5 its much easier to use and you can reinstall it again and again..

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