Hard Disk Failed

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oh great..what i wanted more than ever!!!! damn it

when i switched on my computer in the morning today i heard a “Tak Tak” noise coming out of my old hard disk…i guess da time is over…and when i tried to access data i got the same problem and it stopped responding…

anyway now im backing up all the data using Ghost..

hope i’ll be able to recover everything..it’s a Maxtor 80gb hard disk, 30gb full of DIVX movies + 20GB video tutorials :(…

im going to try low level formatting after this…it’s going to take hours!!!…

i was just about to boot from my Win2003svr and install Exchange Server to do some practices..i guess i’ll have to install Win2003Svr to a different partition or to my VMware machine…

seems like lots of extra work for me…

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