Windows Vista Final!!!



i jst finished installing Windows Vista final version..earlier i used RC2..

bt dis is sooooooooooooo awwwesom !!!!…

i installed on my laptop which is 512 ram..and it’s running really smooth and working really well..

well…i gotta install all the softwares now..starting with Office 2007..

simply VISTA ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 comments on “Windows Vista Final!!!”

  1. 100% sure it works..
    i haved RC2,Beta1,Beta2 RTM and it all works with 512..
    something special about the final version is that it’s really smooth..

    my Specs
    1.7Ghz 2mb L2 Pentium M processor
    64mb Shared Intel Graphics Accelerator 900
    15.4 Display
    60GB HDD(i hav allocated 15gb for my C partition)
    512 DDR2 Ram

  2. Oh i’ve got almost same config. Should try it on mine sometime soon. XP is giving me a hard time. I’m hearing alot of why i shudnt get Vista, maybe get my hands on them n try it i guess..

    well thanks mate,


  3. advice is not to listen to others and believe what u see not what others personal opinion is if u have a gud machine vista is really GOOD…that’s how i see it..
    let me kno how u see it after u install da o/s..
    anyway GUD LUCK

  4. yepppppppppp…u gotta install it and use it to feel it…i can only tell u by an example…if i compare XP 2 Vista it’s like moving from win98 to XP…why dont u give a try ????

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