Month: April 2007

Ghost Rider

  Anybody watched ghost rider… well…i just watched it yesterday… i don’t know…for me it sucks, completely waste of time.. Invain i downloaded that 😦 There’s a movie called EPIC Movie..i have heard that it’s good… but ghost rider is not a good movie.. i would give 2/5

Hard Disk Crashed

Hey guys… Well…at the moment I’m really sick of my computer. Something is wrong with my hard disk I have no clue why it happened. My harddisk crashed!!! It’s a 200gig hard disk and only 4months old. Yesterday when I was using my computer suddenly it became really slow. so I restarted my computer. Then

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Last Day in Skol…

  omg…i never thought this day will…this is one of those days tht i wished and prayed that it’ll never come…but nothing is certain in life…  well…i would like to look back @ my Skol carrer…i started my Student Life @ Ananda College back on 1994…i grew up doing all the craziest things and with sum quality friends…i did

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