Last Day in Skol…

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omg…i never thought this day will…this is one of those days tht i wished and prayed that it’ll never come…but nothing is certain in life… 

well…i would like to look back @ my Skol carrer…i started my Student Life @ Ananda College back on 1994…i grew up doing all the craziest things and with sum quality friends…i did debating which i enjoyed most…also Broadcasting + Interact Club…it was sooo fun those times i spent with my’s soo sad to say that it’s not gonna cum back..jst a memory nothing more

then when i came to grade 11 we started sum serious work…but it only lasted for 3months…started doing all the crzying things on earth…after i sat for O/L i change to Lyceum International School..that day wz a really sad day for me too…for 11 long years i wz @ ananda and i had to leave it n go…

i joined Lyceum in 2005 July…well 2 b honest lyceum guided me for what i have achieved today thanks to lyceum..many ppl say tht there are too many rules and regulations..but those the things that molded us like this…there are soo many international schools in sri lanka…but it’s easy to b in there but not lyceum…that is why we are soo special…im proud to study @ lyceum…now there’s only 1 task left..yep A/L…only 46 days left J

i miss school n my friends……..

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