Hard Disk Crashed


Hey guys…
Well…at the moment I’m really sick of my computer.
Something is wrong with my hard disk I have no clue why it happened.
My harddisk crashed!!!
It’s a 200gig hard disk and only 4months old.

Yesterday when I was using my computer suddenly it became really slow. so I restarted my computer.
Then it displayed a message saying that “ntoskrml” files is missing so I switched off my computer and turned back on but, it kept on displaying the same old message…

So I booted my computer using Knoppix Live Cd, and I was able to access my NTFS Drives
I was surprised when I accessed my windows folder, because there were no files in it. Not a single file and the computer also got stuck. Then I got my Hirens Boot Disk and ran a Hard Disk Health Test…

Guess what…it shows that there are bad sectors and it was asking me to erase everything and FORMAT the disk.
That’s the last thing I want to do…
Anyway at the moment I am using software called HDD Regenerator which came with hirens boot disk to recover the bad sectors.

If anyone has any ideas please feel free to make a comment
Thanks a lot

5 comments on “Hard Disk Crashed”

  1. Pls never ever put here about hard disk crashes. I’m sick of it. Did u try Formatting C:? recover stuff wi knoppix & format c:. It may be a physical error. Check cables & mother board. I said this coz I had a serious hdd error this eve an it’s a problem of IDE1 slot.

  2. Hard disks have both electronic and mechanical parts. Failures of electronic components usually occur suddenly and therefore are hard to predict. But wear of the mechanical part happens gradually over time, which makes disk failure prediction much easier. According to the statistics of Seagate company, most of the hard disk crashes (about 60%) occur because of mechanical failures; and mechanical failures are usually predictable failures.

    You can also visit the Hard Drive Inspector home page at http://www.altrixsoft.com/en/hddinsp/
    for info; Get Hard Drive Inspector vastly reduces the risk of data loss After installation Hard Drive Inspector performs constant monitoring of technical conditions of computer hard disks. In many cases it is able to warn the user about forthcoming disk failure in advance. Timely alert makes it possible to copy the data and replace an unreliable disk, thus preventing information loss.

    Good Luck!

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