Windows 7 Build (7000)

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Finally i made it :)…I’m on Windows 7 build 7000. it took me two days to download the 3GB ISO file. and then i installed it on a test pc first to see how stable it is with the applications i use. these are some of the problems that i have with the current build. but the solutions are out there, it’s just a matter of time 🙂

Adobe PDF Driver didn’t get installed

Nero 9 doesn’t get installed

Chrome doesn’t get installed

but I’m not bothered :)…as long as Outlook, IE, and Virtual PC is working, that is enough for me to survive. so i backed up my user profile using WET(Windows Easy Transfer) and then formatted my office notebook. loaded Windows 7 on to that and then restored my profile. everything is working smooth. at the moment I’m installing software and fine tuning my system. i will post more about Windows 7 in my future posts

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