Extended Remote Desktop

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Recent requirement which i had was to extend my Remote Desktop console to my secondary monitor. initially i tried to expand it by dragging and resizing the remote desktop console, but it never worked out. however i remembered somewhere that it’s possible to do it with the RDC(Remote Desktop Connection) version 6.1. RDC 6.1 comes bundled with Windows 7, and also included on the following O/S applied with service packs mentioned below

Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008 – Service Pack 01

Windows XP – Service Pack 03

Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2 – included by default

there are many other features introduced by 6.1 but i will only be highlighting one specific feature which i discovered recently.

it is the ability to span remote desktop across multiple monitors

this requires following components in place for it to work

-RDC 6.1

-All monitors should have the same resolution

-Monitors need to be aligned side-by-side

there are two ways that you can accomplish this task. one way would be to run mstsc with the /span parameter

eg – mstsc /span

or else you could configure your RDC settings to span across multiple monitors


as you can see above i have selected the option “Use all my monitors for the remote session”

when i connect to the remote computer it will extend remote desktop console across all my monitors

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