Step by Step Guide to Implementing a TWO NODE Failover Cluster – Part 03

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Now that we have already gone through Cluster pre-requisites and also Cluster Validation Wizard in my previous blog posts, let’s go ahead and create a new cluster.

Using Failover Cluster Management Console, we can create a new cluster as you can see below


After, selecting Create Cluster option, Create Cluster Wizard will appear, which will guide you through the process of creating a new cluster.



Next, we need to add servers which we are planning to include in this cluster.



I will search from my active directory and add two nodes which I have already validated as my cluster nodes.



Next, we need to specify an IP Address and also a name for Cluster Administration






After providing necessary information, next we have a summary/confirmation page




After selecting next, wizard will start creating a cluster based on information which we provided




As the final step, we can see a summary page which contains information relating the cluster which we created. We can also select “View Report” which will give us a more detailed overview of all the configuration which was created by the Create Cluster Wizard






Next let’s see how we can verify successful creation of the cluster. we can visit Failover Cluster Management Console to verify whether we can access Cluster1 which we just created. After accessing Cluster1, you can see that there’s a summary page which provides us with an overview of cluster configuration.




We can also validate cluster creation process by looking at the report which is located at the system drive\Windows\Cluster\Reports





You will find CreateCluster.mht which contains information relating Cluster Creation process


now that we have successfully completed creating a cluster, let’s look at quorum configuration in my next blog posts. if you want to have a look at PART 01 and PART 02 please feel free to visit below mentioned links

1 comments on “Step by Step Guide to Implementing a TWO NODE Failover Cluster – Part 03”

  1. Excellent detail documentation, keep up the good work. It came in very handy when I was creating Windows 2008 R2 Cluster.

    Do you have instructions on SQL 2008 SP! install on Windows 2008 R2 cluster servers?

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