Announcing Windows 10

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Earlier today Microsoft announced Windows 10, next version of the client Operating System. Following the announcement today, Technical Preview to be available on 1st October (US Date & Time), which will be available for us later tonight or early tomorrow.

Microsoft is also introducing Windows Insider Program, which allows a user to download Windows 10 Technical Preview and also provide feedback to Microsoft.

Official Announcement ->

Windows Insider Program ->

Apart from above announcements from Windows Team, Cloud & Enterprise team also provided glimpse of upcoming capabilities around Windows Server.

Infrastructure upgrades: Rolling upgrades for Hyper-V clusters to the next version of Windows Server without downtime for your applications and workloads. This includes support for mixed versions as you transition your infrastructure.

Networking:  New components for our software-defined networking stack that enable greater flexibility and control, including a network controller role to manage virtual and physical networks.

Storage: New synchronous storage replication that enhances availability for key applications and workloads plus storage Quality of Service to deliver minimum and maximum IOPS in environments with workloads with diverse storage requirements.

Remote Desktop: Enhanced application compatibility with OpenGL and OpenCL support.

Identity and Access Management: New scenarios to reduce the risk profile of administrators with elevated rights, including time-based access with fine-grained privileges, and new application publishing capabilities.

We will also be able to obtain Technical Preview bits for Windows Server / System Center later today along with Windows 10 (Client).

Announcement from Windows Server & Cloud Team – >

i will write back with more updates around Window 10, Windows Server & System Center, within next few days.

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