Wire Data Analysis with Operations Management Suite

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Wire Data Analysis capability was made available to Operations Management Suite (OMS) recently, and i had a quick look at it today.

This solution provides network traffic analysis using existing OMS Agent for Windows 2012 R2 servers, Windows 8.1 clients and newer operating systems. To enable this functionality, all we need to do is to navigate to Solutions Gallery, Select Wire Data and click Add. Once you click add, OMS Agent will start collecting information and push them back to OMS Service.


After few hours adding Wire Data Solutions pack I was able to see network analysis dashboard. I can see traffic from each server VM and also most importantly I could see application protocol that’s consuming most of my network traffic.


OMS also provides a query function which allows us to filter and get specific information within each solutions pack.



This is a quick introduction regarding new Wire Data Analysis solutions pack and also how to enable this functionality using OMS. I will post back later with more details regarding Wire Data Analysis and other offerings with Microsoft Operations Management Suite.

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