Convert existing Azure Virtual Machines to use Hybrid Use Benefit

Hybrid Use Benefit (HUB) Allows customers with Software Assurance to use their on-premises Windows Server licenses to license Servers in Azure. With one Windows Server license, you can run two Windows Server Virtual Machines up to 8 Cores or a single Virtual Machine up to 16 Cores. This is a significant price reduction for customers who are using standard Windows Server image from Azure Marketplace (Up to around 40% cost saving).

Windows Update using Azure Server Management Tools

Microsoft recently updated Azure Server Management tools with a new functionality, which allows remote execution of Windows updates against managed Windows Server / Nano Server instances using Azure Server Management tools. For those who are not familiar Azure Server management tools, I wrote a blog post recently announcing Azure Server Management Tools, which is a new method for managing Windows Server 2016 Servers and also Nano Servers. ( Let’s have a look at the new patch management process using Server Management Tools.

Storage Spaces Direct with 3 VMs using Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5

In this blog post let’s looks at creating a Storage Spaces Direct Hyper Converged solution using three virtual machines. For production deployment, it is recommended to use physical servers instead of virtual machines. I will be using Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5 version which was just released few days back for this blog post. Before I move any further, I would like to highlight some of the key features introduced part of Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5

Azure Announcements at AzureCon 2015

Quick post to summerize some of the new Azure Announcements at AzureCON 2015 event. – 3 New Azure Datacentres Announced (3 in India), with this Microsoft has more datacentre than Google and AWS combined(24 Regions around the world) – New N-Series VMs which has GPU Capabilities– for graphics-intensive workloads – New next generation D Series Virtual Machines (DV2 – 35% Faster than D series VMs) – Azure Security Centre Announced – to be made available later this year

Windows 10 Preview–January Build Now Available (9926)

Microsoft has just released latest preview build for Windows 10 which is known as the January Build or Technical Preview 2. This release contains build version 9926. Latest build comes with Cortana and XBOX features which were demonstrated few days back at the Public event held by Microsoft. In order to obtain this build, you need to either be a Windows Insider (join for free or it’s possible to download from MSDN Subscription.

SQL Server 2014 General Availability

Today morning, Microsoft announced general availability for next major release of Microsoft SQL Server product which is called “SQL Server 2014”. I have listed below some of the key highlights of SQL Server 2014 release Up to 30x In-Memory OLTP performance gains New Cloud Migration Wizard Clustered Columnstore indexes – please find below official announcement from Microsoft SQL Product team blog SQL Server 2014 Datasheet

Windows 8.1 / Server 2012 R2 RTM Now Available on MSDN & TECHNET

Microsoft announced yesterday that they will be making Windows 8.1 RTM / Windows Server 2012 RTM & Visual Studio 2013 RC made available for developer community based on feedback received. This was a slight deviation from previous communication when both products hit internal RTM milestone. however I’m extremely pleased for being able to obtain RTM bits for both Windows Client & Windows Server prior to GA milestone which is 18th October.

Unable to Sign-in to Skype–Windows 8 Release Preview

I noticed that I’m unable to sign-in to Skype on my Windows 8 Release Preview version. I have tried to find a solution for this login issue and finally I discovered that we can delete shared.xml file and fix this issue. first you need to make sure that Skype is not running, if its running you need to close it or end taskafter closing Skype navigate towards “%appdata%/Skype” and delete shared.

Windows 8 Release Preview & Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate Now Available

Microsoft released Windows 8 Release Preview & Server 2012 Release Candidate on 31st May 2012, which is the pre-RTM version of Windows Client & Server Operating systems, going to be available later this year. You can download both Client & Server operating systems using links below Download Windows 8 Release Preview Download Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate