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Windows OneCare

Yesterday I installed Windows OneCare….it’s an online installation…u can’t download it and install…so I had to download it with my dial-up connection…It took 2hours and 33 mints to download it…after the online installation I restarted my PC…. It’s damn cool….i think it’s best…even thought it’s still in beta stage…u can scan for viruses as well

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Winamp 5.21

Winamp 5.21.. was released on the 10th March 06…today I updated my Winamp…they have fixed some bugs… Winamp 5.21 * New: [jnetlib] HTTP compression support * Improved: [installer] multi-user profile migration * Fixed: [ml_wire] memory leak * Fixed: [pmp_p4s] DRMclien.dll error * Fixed: [gen_ff] skin info display in preferences * Fixed: [in_mp3] Wordwrap disabled in

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Winamp 5.2

Winamp 5.2 was released on feb 23….I couldn’t check it since internet was not working in my school….anyway today I downloaded it….not much difference but they have introduced a new features where u can upload songs to your ipod… check it out

Vista Inspirat

Today I installed vista Inspirat….it’s damn cool…but it takes a hell of lot of memory. But its soo damn cool…..if u have some extra ram in your com I think it’s a cool thing to install..U get loads of cool stuff…and windows xp becomes more user friendly. This idea was once given to me by

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