Vista Inspirat

Today I installed vista Inspirat….it’s damn cool…but it takes a hell of lot of memory. But its soo damn cool…..if u have some extra ram in your com I think it’s a cool thing to install..U get loads of cool stuff…and windows xp becomes more user friendly. This idea was once given to me by

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Community Service

Today we went for community service from our school. An orphanage called “Maithree Lama Niwasaya”. We went there around 2.30. It’s a place near boralla. We had collected 80 LKR from every student in the class. From that money we bought a cake, and some short eats. I had my phone with so I managed

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My Blog

Once I had a dream of having a blog of my own….here it is…I tried various blogs but nothing seems to satisfy me…this weblog seems to be cool…..anyway I’ll keep my dotnetforum blog to post technical articles.