Technical Preview

Continue to use Windows Server Technical Preview 1 (OCT 2014)

In this blog post we will look at how we can continue to use Windows Server Technical Preview and extend its expiry date till 1st OCT 2015. At the moment when we login to Server Technical Preview before applying the hotfix, we get following message (I have another blog post earlier regarding this Checking on Windows Version (winver) Microsoft recently released a hotfix which will extend the time duration of Windows Server Technical Preview.

This Build of Windows will expire soon – (Windows Server Technical Preview)

UPDATE : Hotfix is now available and for more details please have a look at my blog If you are running Windows Server Preview (Technical Preview 1 Released in 1stOct 2014), you might have already realized that it’s set to expire on 15thApril. While Microsoft is preparing to release Technical Preview 2 sometime in May, we will need to look for an alternative to continue using Windows Server Preview build.

Cloud Witness in Windows Server vNext Technical Preview (2014-OCT)

In this blog post, we will look at configuring Cloud Witness, a new quorum option introduced in Windows Server vNext Technical Preview (OCT 2014 Release). Cloud witness was introduced as an option similar to a File Share Witness, but hosted on Azure without having to maintain any infrastructure within your datacenter. This allows us to have multi-site clusters without having the need to have a 3rd site as a witness.