Windows 8.1 / Server 2012 R2 RTM Now Available on MSDN & TECHNET

Microsoft announced yesterday that they will be making Windows 8.1 RTM / Windows Server 2012 RTM & Visual Studio 2013 RC made available for developer community based on feedback received. This was a slight deviation from previous communication when both products hit internal RTM milestone. however I’m extremely pleased for being able to obtain RTM bits for both Windows Client & Windows Server prior to GA milestone which is 18th October.

Installing Windows Server 8 Beta

Finally most eagerly anticipated Windows 8 next release has been announced by Microsoft. This is the second public release of Windows 8 after releasing Windows 8 Develop Preview edition was announced on 29th February 2012. I have already downloaded Windows 8 Beta and I’m going to have a look at installation process in this blog post. if you haven’t yet downloaded Windows 8 beta, you can download from TechNet Evaluation Center by accessing following link