Azure Announcements at AzureCon 2015

Quick post to summerize some of the new Azure Announcements at AzureCON 2015 event.

– 3 New Azure Datacentres Announced (3 in India), with this Microsoft has more datacentre than Google and AWS combined (24 Regions around the world)

– New N-Series VMs which has GPU Capabilities – for graphics-intensive workloads

– New next generation D Series Virtual Machines (DV2 – 35% Faster than D series VMs)

– Azure Security Centre Announced – to be made available later this year

– New Azure Pre-Purchase Billing Plan, starting 1st December

Azure SQL Data Warehouse now available in Public Preview (First enterprise-class cloud data warehouse)

General availability of ExpressRoute for Office 365 and Skype for Business

General availability of Azure File Storage. Geo-replicated managed File Share with SMB 3.0 protocol.

– General availability for Azure Backup for Application workloads, which supports direct backup of SQL Server, SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics without having to deploy DPM 2012.

– New Azure Resource Health service which exposes Health Services for VMs, Websites and SQL Databases to quickly identify root cause. This service will be public preview in October

Azure IoT Suite is now available for Internet of Things projects

Azure Containers – Preview to be made available later this year

More information please visit below links

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